Dr. Boris Christov

Dr Christov has practised the application of Biostim-N for more than 7 years on patients with persistent headache (no evidence of brain injury), cervical spondylosis, dysthymia of the autonomic nervous system, arterial hypertension I degree, but still no pathological changes in organs and systems and approximately 75% of patients reported a positive effect from BiostimN.

Extrasystoles in some patients suffering from arrhythmias extrasystole type (caused by the autonomous nervous system) disappeared completely. When BiostimN was applied for at least 22 days and up to six months, a positive effect was registered in 50% of the patients with neurasthenia who formerly complained from persistent insomnia at night and reduced physical abilities during the day.

My experience as a doctor (30 years of practice) allows me to conclude that BiostimN is a good supporting therapeutic and preventive tool that can be used by patients suffering from the above diseases.