Frequently Asked Questions

  • How was BiostimN created?

    BiostimN is a stunning invention. It has been implemented as a result of 10 years of scientific work in this field. The initial prototype was introduced to the market for the first time in 1991. The research results of BiostimN have clinically proven its qualities. Next came the approval from various customers who use it in different parts of the world. Today we proudly present to you BiostimN, created by using specific Know-How technology.

  • How does BiostimN work?

    BiostimN helps in cases of essential hypertonia, diabetes mellitus (non-insulin dependent type), functional disorders such as headaches, palpitations, cardiac neurosis, general weakness, anxiety and disorders of unknown causes.
    BiostimN prevents suppression of weak biofields by stronger ones.
    BiostimN removes fatigue.
    BiostimN helps to overcome fears and insomnia.
    BiostimN enhances concentration, motivation and desire to achieve goals.

  • How to wear BiostimN?

    There are two different ways of using and carrying BiostimN:

    – On the outside/on top/ of a garment, which creates conditions for even distribution of the protective aura around the body.

    – In good contact with the body – attached to the inside of a garment or as a pendant.

    To achieve best results it is recommended that BiostimN capsule is positioned in the middle of the torso (near the solar plexus) thus avoiding the hindrance/barrier of clothes.

    Using BiostimN together with metal necklaces reduces its effect.

  • When does BiostimN work best?

    BiostimN can be used when feeling weak or in stressful situations. Thus it compensates for change in levels of the natural biofield as a result of unfavorable, usually imperceptible impact on the aura. BiostimN can be worn 12 hours during the day and when needed at night. If you feel the need, you can use BiostimN all the time.

  • Is BiostimN a miraculous cure?

    BiostimN helps your aura, adjusts sleep disturbances and fills your body with energy in many ways. Research has shown impressive results when BiostimN is used for prevention,  in the correct way, and with the special attitude its owner. It does not cure diseases of the body or change the course of malignant processes in body cells.

  • How long does it take to feel the positive impact of BiostimN?

    Normally about 30 minutes of usage are sufficient. In some cases it may be needed to be worn the whole day. Very rarely, clients report positive effects after month.

  • Is there a feeling of discomfort when BiostimN is used for the first time?

    Yes, one may feel a slight discomfort. If this happens, please occasionally remove BiostimN for periods of 30 minutes to accept its presence.

  • What should I do if I do not feel well when I wear and use BiostimN?

    Just remove it. Its activity will stop immediately. This is one of its remarkable features.

  • Are the properties of BiostimN lost over time?

    It is dependent on fluctuations in your aura. When used continuously, the average efficiency of BiostimN lasts from 4 to 6 weeks from the beginning of its usage.

    Contact with the water lessens the power of its action.

  • How do I know when to replace my BiostimN?

    If you used BiostimN 4 to 6 weeks and feel changes like drop in your mood or overall physical condition, it most likely means that the properties of BiostimN are weak and it is time to replace your capsule.

  • Does BiostimN have any effect on people around you?

    BiostimN is only for personal use. It does not affect humans or animals that are out of your own biofield. It is not recommended to pass the BiostimN capsule to another person.

  • Effectiveness of BiostimN?

    Yes! BiostimN works. Many customers around the world have used it over the past 25 years due to its outstanding qualities.