How to distribute?

BiostmN is distributed by AURAACTIVE Ltd worldwide by orders on the website: at:

When purchasing 100 pieces of BiostmN or more, there is a discount of 2.00 euros per item and free delivery.

Delivery is free for any larger quantity and higher distributor discount as well.

A distributor title guarantees exclusivity rights for the respective country. Distribution rights are obtained when the number of purchased BiostimN exceeds 100 items. The rights are kept/valid up to 3 months. Only one Distributor is allowed per country.

At the request of the distributor his name and address will be added on the map of the web site for advertising purpose. His details will be deleted when the number of purchased items goes below the limit or the Distributor asks for his deletion.

Deletion from the list of distributors takes place with prior notification by e-mail. Information about additional discounts when buying 200, 400, 600 or 800 pieces will be available to purchasers of minimum 100 pcs. BiostimN.

The normal price of one piece of BiostimN is 8,80 euros.

Order by phone: +359 878 777 111 or by e-mail: