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This privacy statement is designed to demonstrate the commitment of the company Auraactive Ltd (Auraaktiv Ltd.) to the inviolability of personal data of our customers, distributors and visitors?. Our site uses an order form requesting names, addresses and telephone numbers needed for the delivery of the products to the customer. We don’t ask for personal identification numbers and other private data. Contact information for distributors is shown on our publicity website only with their consent.

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Our site provides users an option to unsubscribe from the mailing list. If you want to do this, simply send an e-mail with “Unsubscribe”/or cancel my subscription/ on the webpage:

Claim limitations to the manufacturer

The text content of the site:  is for information purposes only. It provides information to visitors, customers and distributors about the history of the company, the business conditions, conducted physical tests and clinical studies. The texts should not be considered binding.

Auraactive Ltd declares that the site does not contain any claims that of BiostimN can be used for cure, treatment or diagnosis of any serious disease. If you feel you need medical help, please visit your doctor immediately.

If you use BiostimN together with medications prescribed by a doctor and you feel better, please do not interrupt your treatment without consulting the doctor.