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International Conference on heart health protection (MKZS) 24-28 May 1992 PP 3.11

The efficacy of Biostim-N (administered on patients with hypertension hearth disease)


For four weeks in CINDI demonstration hall an experimental study was conducted on the efficacy of Biostim-N, a bio aluminum sheet loaded with energy.

Three hundred and twenty volunteers with hypertension heart disorder 1st and 2nd degree (HD), diabetes mellitus (non-insulin dependent type) (DM) and neurosis (N) were placed in the scope of the device. The methodology was applied to randomized controlled double-blind study group. Patients were first divided into groups HD (128), HD and N (34) and HD TA (21). These groups in turn were divided randomly into treatment group (T) and control (C) group.

Patients from Group K were given a placebo. The blood pressure of each patient was measured weekly before and after the interview, conducted in the patient’s home, and the different values were recorded. It was found that Biostim-N has a hypotensive effect after the first week on 56,7% of the patients with HD in the T group and 55.6% in the K group. After the fourth week, however, the hypotensive effect was observed in 78.6% from the T group and only 44.9% from the K group (Px2 “0.001). A similar positive effect was achieved in patients with HD associated with N or DM.

An experimental study on the effectiveness of BIOSTIM-N, administered to patients with hypertension, diabetes mellitus (non-insulin dependent type) and neurosis


In 1992 the Research Institute on Public Health conducted an experimental study on “The effectiveness of BiostimN, administered to patients with hypertension, diabetes mellitus (non-insulin dependent type) and neurosis.” At the same time a study was conducted on the dynamics of the impact of BiostimN on sexual potency of all monitored patients, and on complaints of headaches from patients with hypertension and neurosis.

320 volunteers exposed to the diseases were subjected over a period of four weeks to the impact of bioenergy using BiostimN and following the manufacturer’s instructions, Hydroloc Inc.

Patients were divided into groups as follows:

  • experimental group – 239 patients (with active BiostimN capsules – loaded)
  • control group – 81 patients (inactive BiostimN capsules – placebo)

The method used was a controlled double blind randomized trial, meaning that neither the patients nor the specific persons performing control, were aware which patent was part of which groups. The  inactive BiostimN capsules derived from Hydroloc, were stored in a safe deposit box. One of the researchers divided inactive BiostimN capsules in groups for each disease.

Clinical Evidence

1. Effectiveness of Biostim-N, applied in patients with hypertension.

In all clinical trials, 127 patients (experimental group) and 36 patients (control group), suffering from high blood pressure, applied BiostimN for a period of 12 hours a day for 4 weeks. Their pressure was measured weekly before and after the interviews at their homes, and the corresponding levels were documented. It was found that there was BiostimN hypotensive effect in the first week of use in 56.7% of patients in the experimental group. After four weeks in 78.6% of patients using BiostimN, the values of blood pressure were significantly reduced.

Results achieved at the end of the fourth week demonstrated that the number of patients with improved levels of blood pressure increases significantly in the experimental group, while their number drops in the control group. The difference between the two groups was significant -35.7% (Fig. 1).


2. Effectiveness of BiostimN, administered to patients with diabetes mellitus (non-insulin dependent type)

41 patients (experimental group) and 21 patients (control group), diabetes mellitus (non-insulin dependent type), applied BiostimN over a period of four weeks.

The final results demonstrated that immediately after the first week 87.8% of patients in the experimental group had lower levels of blood sugar and by the end of the fourth week decrease was observed in 92% of them. Especially noteworthy was the fact that even in the second week 4/5 of patients had improvement in blood glucose.

At the end of the fourth week there were significant differences between the experimental and control groups. Reduction in blood sugar levels in the experimental group was 57.5% more in patients than in the control group (Fig. 2).


3. Effectiveness of BiostimN, administered to patients with neurosis

Patients under observation are registered mostly with high blood pressure, low blood pressure and neurosis. Cardiac neurosis is a concomitant/accompanying illness. The experimental group consisted of 77 patients, the control group – of 33 /patients/.

After the first week, 72.7% of all patients using BiostimN, reported improvement, and by the end of the observation period, this percentage rose to 79.2%.

In four weeks, the experimental group had improved among 39.8 percent more patients than the control group (Fig. 3).


Effectiveness of BiostimN, administered to patients with headaches, hypertension related headache and hypertension related neurosis.

The study results show that the impact of BiostimN reduces or eliminates the headache in 80.3% of men and 74.1 percent of women in the experimental group.

Positive impact of Biostim-N was registered after the fourth week in patients suffering from hypertension and related headaches share in the experimental group increased to 56%. A similar effect was seen in patients with hypertension and associated neurosis, where the percentage was 53.8%.

Effectiveness of BiostimN on sexual potency observed in patients.

All 320 patients in the study each week were asked the same question: “Do you observe an improvement in your sexual potency?” In the experimental group of 239 patients at the end of the fourth week improvement was reported by 15.3% and in the control group 10 5%. Males showed higher degree of improvement in their sexual potency than women. It is important to note that the observed patients have no proven sexual disorders.


Based on the research work carried by the research team and approved with positive assessment by the Scientific Council of the Research Institute of Public Health it can be concluded that BiostimN, product of Hydroloc, used for 12 hours during the day, influenced positively the patients from the experimental group as follows:

  1.     The headache was alleviated or eliminated.
  2.     Patients with hypertension grade I-II registered a hypotensive effect.
  3.     Blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes mellitus (non-insulin dependent type) were reduced or restored to normal.
  4.     Cardiac neurosis was influenced favorably.
  5.     Beneficial effect was registered in patients with hypertension and related headaches, and in patients with hypertension and associated neurosis.

Latest research

Scientific trial examining a 30-day BiostimN effect on blood sugar in patients suffering from type II diabetes and lower glucose tolerance.

A report on agreed joint task group “Lipids” at the National Center of Hygiene, Medical Ecology and Nutrition and Hydroloc (7 May to 30 September 2001).

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. N. Doncheva, MD.

No Пациенти/Диагноза Кръвна захар 0 30-и ден TC 0 30-и ден HDL 0 30-и ден
1 Е. А. – 47 години; диабет тип ІІ; артериална хипертония (АХ); фамилна анамнеза за АХ+миокарден инфаркт (МИ) 8,19 6,80 8,80 7,90 1,00 1,11
2 Л. Р. С. – 74 години; нарушен глюкозен толеранс; АХ 4,10 3,83 11,98 12,09 1,41 1,41
3 Р. Г.  – 32 години; стар МИ; диабет тип ІІ; лечение със Sortis and Cytrimax 4,70 6,83 12,72 5,44 1,47 1,49
4 В. Т. – диабет тип ІІ 4,30 5,15 4,25 4,76 0,94 1,19
5 С. Д.  – 75 години; диабет тип І; лечение с Maninil 10,50 10,60 6,79 6,61 1,11 1,19
6 Е. П. – 64 години; диабет тип ІІ; лечение с Diaprel 8,74 10,00 4,66 4,28 1.37 0,95
7 Т. Д. – 49 години; диабет тип ІІ; чернодробна  стеатоза; 12,50 13,20 6,34 6,26 0,69 0,92
8 К. В. – 62 години; диабет тип І; стеатоза; наднормено тегло; АХ; висок AST; gGT/ГГТ; лечение със Sortis 7,30 8,70 12,49 12,10 2,12 2,10
9 А. А.  – 51 години; диабет тип ІІ; лечение с Diaprel; АХ; стар МИ; възможна тиха исхемия 5,50 8,25 6,38 6,26 1,64 1,56
10 Н. И. – 47 години;  нарушен глюкозен толеранс 4,98 4,30 3,64 3,80 1,26 1,30
X(средно). 7,08 7,77 7,81 6,95 1,30 1,31
SD 2,87 2,96 3,49 2,96 0,40 0,35
 No LDL 0 30-и ден TG 0 30-и ден OHDL 0 30-и ден Странични ефекти
1 3,56 2,70 9,69 9,00 8,80 7,11 Няма
2 10,05 10,15 1,15 1,13 8,50 8,08 Няма; 20-и ден – кръвно налягане 90/55; подобрен сън; повишено настроение
3 7,76 3,01 2,98 2,06 8,65 3,65 След 3-тата седмица. болка в гърдите; прекъсва за 1 ден;
4 2,70 2,35 1,35 2,90 4,52 4,37 Няма
5 4,00 4,51 3,69 2,01 6,12 5,55 Няма
6 2,09 2,28 2,65 2,31 3,40 4,51 Няма
7 2,61 2,47 7,39 6,66 9,19 6,80 Съобщава за тридневно главоболие, което по-късно преминава
8 8,98 8,40 3,05 3,40 5,89 5,76 Няма
9 4,36 3,88 0,84 1,80 3,89 4,01 Повишено кръвно налягане; мускулни болки в крайниците
Преди прилагането на BiostimN пациентът е лекуван със Sortis
10 2,47 2,50 0,52 0,60 2,89 3,00 Няма
x 4,86 4,23 3,33 3,19 6,19 5,28
SD 2,95 2,79 2,99 2,63 2,45 1,66


After the implementation of performance enhancers, a group of 10 patients suffering from type II diabetes, dyslipidemia and low glucose tolerance, for a period of 30 days showed no significant changes in the levels of blood sugar and lipid parameters.

Three of the patients reported a reduction in blood glucose levels, and in one patient changes were within the expected variations. The increased performance of other patients may be due to irregular applying of BiostimN or poor glucose control in parallel to ongoing therapy for diabetes.

Positive effects on lipid status in terms of total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides and the atherogenic lipid index (albeit without statistical significance). This makes it very likely possible to achieve positive results in a larger group of patients to be tested for a prolonged period of time. Case №9 (AA – 51 years) was the most interesting. The man was treated with Sortis before the implementation of the biostimulator. He did not raise the level of lipids and even saw a slight decrease or retention of original levels. Discontinuation of treatment with a potent lipid lowering agent as Sortis usually leads to increased levels of lipids within 30 days, which was apparently corrected by performance enhancers in the case of this patient. One patient reported increased vitality and improved sleep.

Seven of the patients reported no side effects, one had complaints that were among the estimated during the adaptation period and could not be considered a side effect. One patient (10%) with developed side effects due to previously suffered heart attack and this could be a prerequisite to not recommend the use of performance enhancers in patients with complicated acute arteriosclerosis and past incidents. Patient № 9 reported increased blood pressure, which, according to initial information about performance enhancers should be positively influenced by the product. Pain in the muscles, which was reported by the same patient, can hardly be associated with the wearing of the biostimulator.

The expected effect of the anti-stress performance enhancers can influence parallel and lipid-glucose metabolism, since stress is considered a triggering factor in the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis pathology and clinical manifestations of blood vessels associated with it.

A test examining the effect of the biostimulator on lipid parameters and blood sugar in patients suffering from dyslipidemia, type II diabetes or low glucose tolerance in 60-day application period.

A report on agreed joint task group “Lipids” at the National Center of Hygiene, Medical Ecology and Nutrition and Hydroloc (7 May to 30 September 2001)

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. N. Doncheva; MD

Кръвна захар (ден)
No Пациенти/Диагноза 0 day 30th 60th
1 З. З. – 63 г.; исхемична болест на сърцето (ИБС); диабет тип ІІ от 1,5 години, пациентът е на диета 6,80 5,90 6,84
2 Л. С. – 74 г. ; нисък глюкозен толеранс, ИБС, АХ 4,16 4,30 5,35
3 Е. А. – 47 г.; диабет тип ІІ 8,77 7,30 8,92
4 Н. З. – 41 г.; диабет тип І, лекуван с инсулин; хроничен автоимунен хепатит; след сърдечен инфаркт 5,10 5,00 5,80
5 Д. Ж.  – диабет тип ІІ 13,10 12,13 11,80
6 Б. С. – диабет тип ІІ ОТХВЪРЛЕН 13,10 12,13 11,80
7 И. В. – 53 г.; диабет тип ІІ,  аденоматозна гуша, АХ 9,55 9,00 9,10
8 З. Й. – диабет тип ІІ, дуоденална язва 7,31 6,51 5,26
9 В. Й. – диабет тип ІІ, ИСБ, АХ 8,14 7,89 7,86
10 А. А. – новооткрит диабет, лечение с Diaprel 10,20 12,30 9,79
11 Н. А. – диабет тип ІІ, на диета, АХ, ИСБ; 5,10 5,04 4,67
12 М. К. – понижен глюкозен толеранс; АХ 7,91 7,18 6,22
13 А. Д. – диабет тип ІІ, лечение с Maninil; АХ, ИСБ, състояние след сърдечен удар 4,14 4,08 5,45
14 Д. Б. – диабет тип ІІ 7,75 7,7 7,05
15 Д. Т. – понижен глюкозен толеранс 7,56 6,18 6,36
16 Д. Н. – диабет тип ІІ 11,36 9,49 9,86
17 Л. П. – диабет тип ІІ 7,56 6,14 7,77
18 Н. М. – диабет тип ІІ 5,10 4,82 4,80
19 С. Ц. – диабет тип ІІ 5,60 5,60 5,00
20 А. С. – диабет тип ІІ 12,44 9,50 11,45
21 Т. Т. – диабет тип ІІ, АХ 6,95 5,30 6,80
22 Т. Н. – диабет тип ІІ, аденоматозна гуша, дифузен чернодробен процес 7,12 7,00 6,80
23 П. В. – понижен глюкозен толеранс, АХ 7,00 5,90 6,70

Test Results

Expert Conclusion

The ability of Biostimulator-Neutralizer to alter the levels of blood glucose and lipids was observed in a total of 23 patients diagnosed with low, medium or high degree of dyslipidemia, low glucose tolerance, or diabetes type II. The average age of patients was 58 years; Women were 17 and men – 6. They were Biostimulator-Neutralizer after appropriate guidance on expected results and requirements for use. Once they had signed a written declaration of informed consent, each participant in the study received one free performance enhancers to be worn near the solar plexus. They were set dates for regular check ups. Blood glucose was measured three times every 30 days, and lipid parameters were measured twice – before and after the implementation of performance enhancers removed after 60 days. One patient was removed from the study because of missing regular check ups. Three of the patients continued treatment for lipid lowering due ischemic heart disease (IHD) or past heart attack.

The study ended with 22 patients. The data demonstrated a significant decrease in blood glucose levels on the 30th and 60th day after the application of Biostimulator-Neutralizer (p <0.05). The total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol – the so-called “bad cholesterol” in the second month were significantly lower compared to initial levels (p <0.05). Average levels of triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol and atherogenic lipid index (total cholesterol / HDL-cholesterol) did not differ significantly before and after the study.

None of the patients participating in the trial reported any side effects. 80% of patients testified for good physical and mental condition, good relaxing effect and improved sleep. One patient, who was suffering from hypertension and cardiac neurosis, had significantly better blood pressure and reported less stress. Only one patient was using the biostimulant at night instead of the day. Blood sugar and lipid status in his case on the 60th day were changed positively in relation to original levels. The patient gave no information about any side effects.

Data collected during the study, testify about significant beneficial effect after the 60-days application of Biostimulator-Neutralizer on lipid metabolism and blood sugar levels in patients suffering from dyslipidemia, low glucose tolerance or diabetes type II. The anti-stress effect  of Biostimulator-Neutralizer is a parallel positive impact on lipid and glucose metabolism. Reducing stress is an important starting point for the treatment of patients suffering from metabolic disorders, because stress is a triggering factor in the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis and symptomatic vascular pathology associated with it.

N.B.: The pilot study, conducted in February – March 2001 on 10 patients suffering from dyslipidemia and high blood glucose levels over a period of 30 days, showed no significant changes in the monitored parameters. Trends for positive impact on lipid and glucose metabolism were confirmed in this study. Apparently the effect of the application of Biostimulator-Neutralizer occurs within a longer period of time. Therefore, it was allowed that a proportion of patients who reported very good effect during the 60-day therapy retain their sample capsules from Hydroloc for another 30 days.