Who uses BiostimN?

Vassil Petrov

Pop and jazz singer

I always use BiostimN during long concert tours.


Musician, producer, "Forte" music band, Sofia, Bulgaria

BiostimN is part of me now. I wake up fresh and rested.

Maggie Ignatova

Interior designer, Sofia, Bulgaria

The power of BiostimN realizes my dreams and motivates me to pursue them.

George H.W. Bush

USA President

“Thank you so much for your kind expression of concern about my health. I appreciate your good wishes, and I’m pleased to report that it’s great to be back on the job.

1991 “George Bush, then US President, sent this letter of gratitude to us in 1991. He received the BiostimN at a moment when he suffered health problems.

Todor Dobrev

Broadcaster, filmmaker Sofia, Bulgaria

With BiostimN I sleep peacefully. I have the strength and motivation for the new day.

Tsvetelina Ivanova

Designer, Sofia, Bulgaria

With BiostimN I can stay longer at the computer without getting tired.

Krasimira Petrova

Assistant film director, Sofia, Bulgaria

With BiostimN I can ease pressure at work.

Nick Qested

Director, Producer in Naitional Geografic, Goldcrest Films, New York, USA

BiostimN is like garlic to vampires. Thanks!

Alex Jordanov

Journalist, writer, Paris, France

BiostimN urges me to work.