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Privacy Statement

This privacy statement was created in order to demonstrate the commitment of the company Auraactive Ltd. to the inviolability of personal data that fall into the machine array of stakeholders, customers and distributors. Our site uses an order form to request addresses, names and telephone numbers that serve to deliver products to our customers. We are never interested in PINs, IDs and other personal information. Distributor contact information is posted on our site for advertising purposes only with their consent.

Choice to unsibscribe

Our site offers to the users the opportunity to unsubscribe from the mailing list. If you want to do this, just send an e-mail with “Unsubscribe” to: sales@auraactive.com

Limitations on claims against the manufacturer

All texts on the site www.auraactive.com are for informing visitors, customers and distributors, about company conditions, the history of the company and conducted physical tests, and clinical trials. Texts should not be considered mandatory.

AuraActive Ltd declares that the website www.auraactive.com does not contain any allegations about the use of BiostimN tool for the treatment, treatment or diagnosis of serious diseases.

If you feel you need medical attention, please call your GP immediately.

If you use BiostimN with your prescribed medication and feel better, please do not stop your therapy without consulting your doctor.